Data as an IP Asset - Unlocking the Value of Data

Do you need access to data to develop new products and services or are you generating data that might be useful to someone else? 
AI is expanding into most industries but development of AI tools requires access to robust training datasets which may often be generated by third parties.

Similarly, the development of medical and diagnostic tests need access to biobanks and biological samples from multiple patients.
This can raise a number of legal issues associated with ownership, licensing and protection of the data.

Hear more about Data as an IP Asset from
Chris Wilkinson, Madderns
Paul Gordon, Wallmans Lawyers
Tasmam Wylie, Wallmans Lawyers

What you will learn:

Data Ownership: Unpack the legal nuances of who owns data
Protection: Understand the legal framework for protecting data
Data Access: Understand how to control access without compromising protection
Licensing Data: Collaboration can be a win-win situation - learn best practices for licensing data.

This LESANZ event is proudly co-sponsored by Madderns and Wallmans Lawyers.

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Event Details

Date: November 16 2023

Location: Wallmans Lawyers Boardroom

Time: 5-7pm

Paul Gordon
Tasman Wylie

Chris Wilkinson, Madderns

Cost: Complimentary

Past event: registration no longer available.