Unfair Dismissal

Michael Kay and Matoula Makris examine the unfair dismissal jurisdiction and take a look at some handy hints and tips for the mercantile industry to help you avoid your own unfair dismissal claim.

The termination of an employee is a task most employers agonise over. Unfortunately, while most terminations are for a legitimate reason (such as poor performance), employers can get caught out by following a flawed process.

With the pressures faced by employers in the mercantile industry, our practice has noted an increase in the number of employees being dismissed for poor performance based on unreasonable or unclear performance targets. This can leave employers potentially liable should the dismissed employee choose to institute proceedings such as an unfair dismissal claim.

In this article we take a snapshot look at some key guiding principles and important tips to remember when dealing with employee termination. 

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Date: April 01 2013

Publication: Agent Magazine

Author: Michael Kay


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