Employment (WHS) Law Update

The Work Health & Safety Act 2012 (SA) (WHS Laws) commenced nearly four months ago. In this LG Hot Matters, our Local Government/Employment and Workplace team take a look at how the WHS Laws have affected our clients in Local Government.

Teething problems are to be expected with any significant legislative change. The WHS Laws are no different. However, some went so far as to call the WHS Laws "unworkable". Others have taken the opposing view by suggesting that the WHS Laws result in very little "practical change".  The reality is somewhere in between. Although the WHS Laws have not been the costly disaster many expected, it would be dangerous to assume that it is "business as usual" and/or that the WHS Laws only require a few typographic changes (such as changing "OHS" to "WHS").

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Date: March 24 2013

Publication: LG Hot Matters

Author: Michael Kay


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