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Quarterly Insights - Autumn 2017

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The first quarter of 2017 continued to bring both opportunities and challenges for our employer clients. In this Autumn quarterly, we consider a number of topics which have been of particular interest to employers in recent months. To read the full issue please click the download button.

  • Allegations of workplace sexual harassment again in the media
  • Workers compensation, secondary coding and your levy
  • Have you noticed the new notice? Important changes to enterprise bargaining
  • Important privacy amendments to commence on 28 February 2018
  • Workplace surveillance under the spotlight in South Australia
  • A new addition to our team and a thank you.

Sexual Harassment Claims Again in the Media

A recent decision involving sexual harassment by employees of the Queensland Government is a salient reminder of the importance of employers
ensuring that they have adequate and up-to-date policies, procedures and training which mandate and advocate appropriate workplace behaviour and equal opportunity, whilst prohibiting bullying and harassment in all its forms...

Return to Work - Impact of the Loss of Secondary Coding

Many employers would be aware that prior to 1 July 2015, if an injured worker seeking workers compensation suffered an aggravation or exacerbation of a pre-existing, non-work related, condition in the course of their employment, the claim could be accepted as a “secondary disability”. This meant that there was no impact on the premium calculation for the employer as a result of that claim...

Changes to Notice of Representational Rights During Enterprise Bargaining

Although arriving with little fanfare, important changes to the form and content of the Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NRR) commenced on and from 3 April 2017.

As many our readers would be aware, an employer must take all reasonable steps to notify employees of the right to be represented as soon as practicable, and not later than 14 days, after the notification time...

Important Privacy Notice – New Data Breach Obligations

Important changes to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act), relating to mandatory breach notification, will commence on 22 February 2018.

In simple terms, the amendments mean that an employer that is an “APP Entity” for the purposes of the Privacy Act will be obligated to, amongst other things, notify the Australian Information Commissioner and the individuals who may be affected by a data breach...

Workplace Surveillance in South Australia - Not so much What, but When?

Although unknown to some employers in South Australia, sweeping changes to surveillance laws were introduced by way of the Surveillance Devices Act 2016 (SA) in 2016.

Although the law has been passed, it is yet to be formally proclaimed or commenced, and has been sitting dormant for over 12 months. Why is this the case? It is not clear...

Our Employment Team - and a Thank You

Although many of you will have met our newest team member, we are pleased to announce that Sarah Lithgow joined our team as a Senior Associate earlier this year...


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