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Digital and social media are fast becoming the number one tool for consumers to engage with brands.  Nearly half of the world's population is using social platforms and as such these mediums are becoming the new frontier for legal issues, in what is an ever developing area of law. 

Wallmans Lawyers has Adelaide’s leading expert on social media and privacy law, Paul Gordon, who has been recognised in Doyles Guide as a Leading Technology, Media and Telecommunications Lawyer and a Leading Intellectual Property lawyer. 

In our connected online community a range of issues regarding defamation, consumer protection, privacy, advertising standards, use of data, digital assets and IP,  are creating new risks, but also new opportunities.

We work with a range of organisations from technology companies and start ups, marketing and media agencies, the not for profit sector, government and commercial business to leverage your online assets, whilst protecting your brand and ensuring you respond effectively when issues arise. 

Whether you have a developed digital strategy, or simply are reacting to what others are saying or posting, we have the ability to assist in the following service areas:

Digital & Social Media Services

  • Defamation proceedings (when something inappropriate is said online)
  • Copyright infringement claims
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct claims
  • Social Media triage services
  • Drafting social media policies
  • Maintenance and ownership of digital assets (see also Intellectual Property)
  • Privacy concerns and handling of personal information
  • SPAM act advice
  • Online publishing and content creation, including pre-publishing advice
  • Compliance with advertising standards
  • Responding to abuse and harassment
  • Employee conduct online

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