Private Sector

Aboriginal Organisations

Wallmans can assist Aboriginal organisations, enterprises and communities to achieve positive outcomes.

We provide advice on land dealings and leasing, Aboriginal heritage, native vegetation matters, development applications, water licensing, cultural and other intellectual property, asset management and buying, selling and establishing businesses, planning and environment laws, licensing agreements and property issues.

We work with clients at all stages of their business and community’s development. This includes helping to decide the best model to set up an organisation, preparing constitutions, drafting and reviewing contracts (including employment contracts), joint ventures, dealing with members, corporate governance and training, CATSI Act compliance, Directors duties, meeting procedures, policy drafting, negotiating funding and assisting in grant applications, consultancy agreements, resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation and conciliation, litigation (including planning appeals, commercial disputes, workplace disputes and investigations), community advocacy and negotiations with Government (Federal, State and Local).

We offer expertise, skills and resources to support community controlled and government sector Aboriginal organisations across health, community, education, not-for-profit and Aboriginal businesses. We respect the importance of Aboriginal business, policy and culture, and our lawyers are dedicated to strengthening our understanding of how we can best support Aboriginal enterprises. We strive to work collaboratively and to build consensus for the benefit of our clients.

Artwork by Anna Dowling from Generations Connected exhibition, reflecting on the importance of Aboriginal cultures and passing down traditional knowledge to future generations. They draw upon traditional art making practices of weaving that were taught to the artist by her female Aboriginal Elders.

How we can help:

Our team of dedicated lawyers are known for their specific knowledge of the range of compliance and regulatory frameworks in which Aboriginal organisations operate, both in SA and nationally.

Our services are tailored to your organisation, and so are our fees. We work with you to find a fee structure that is suitable, including fixing fees and offering retainers in appropriate circumstances.

  • › Business & Governance
    • Business & not-for-profit establishment & structuring
    • Drafting constitutions, Rule Books
    • Registered Native Title Body Corporate areas (RNTBCs) (other than Native Title determinations & disputes)
    • Government & IPP
    • ASIC compliance
    • CATSI Act (ORIC) compliance & training
    • Meeting procedure & facilitation support
    • Grant application
    • Drafting commercial agreements
    • Data protection & privacy
    • Procurement
    • Directors duties
    • Governance training
    • Governance disputes including mediation
    • Stakeholder & community engagement
    • Commercial disputes & litigation
    • Submissions on law changes
  • › Employment Issues
    • Employment, consultancy contracts & agreements
    • Workplace policies & procedures
    • Unfair dismissal, general protections, breach of contract, discrimination & underpayment claims
    • Workers compensation & injury management
    • Workplace training
    • Workplace health & safety advice & representation
    • Managing employee performance
    • Misconduct & other workplace grievances
    • Tribunal disputes & employment litigation
  • › Intellectual Property & Cultural Protection
    • Copyright protection for Aboriginal art, music, writing & performing arts
    • Trademark application & infringement 
    • IP asset plans & management
    • Permission & release forms
    • Research agreements
    • Digital rights management
    • E-commerce
    • Language protection
    • Aboriginal Heritage protection
  • › Property Issues
    • Water licensing
    • Environment protection
    • Development approvals & zoning advice
    • Compulsory acquisition of land
    • Marine Resource Agreements
    • Indigenous Protected Areas
    • Buying & selling land
    • Land access
    • Land disputes & litigation
    • Fishing licences
    • Lease applications, drafting, negotiation & disputes
    • Cultural Heritage Management plans & agreements
    • Land Management Agreements


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