Planning, Environment & Licensed Premises

With a dedicated Local Government Planning practice, we have considerable experience in providing timely and practical advice to Councils in all areas of Planning Law, including advice on the classification, categorisation and assessment of development applications, enforcement strategies, 'sounding board' advice on the development plan amendment process, and Council's compliance in regards to statutory obligations. Additionally we have experience in drafting Land Management Agreements and assisting with a range of environmental issues including land contamination, waste and landfill, water resources and native vegetation protection.

We regularly act for Councils in Environment, Resources and Development Court planning appeals, reviews and enforcement matters, and in related Supreme Court proceedings (including planning-related judicial review proceedings).

Additionally, we have specific expertise in advising Councils in their unique role in relation to licensed premises. We assist Councils in responding to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner as to the adequacy of planning and building approvals for applications for liquor licences. We also advise and represent Councils with interventions and objections to licence applications including seeking conditions as to trading hours, security and noise emissions. Our knowledge and expertise includes acting for Councils on development proposals for licensed premises, Dry Zones, enforcement of licence conditions, lock outs, festivals, public intoxication and binge drinking, Licensing Precinct Statements and Accords, as well as the perennial noise and disturbance complaints arising out of licensed premises.

We regularly conduct targeted, high quality seminars and training sessions for planning staff, CDAP and RDAP members and elected members on topical planning, environment and licensing issues.

Our expertise in Planning and Environment has been recognised in the preeminent Doyles Guide* to Leading Planning and Environment firms in South Australia.

*Doyles Guide to Leading Planning and Environment firms in South Australia 2012, 2014, 2015

Planning and Environment Services

  • Strategic advice on the assessment of development applications
  • ERD Court planning appeals
  • ERD Court review proceedings
  • ERD Court enforcement proceedings
  • Supreme Court judicial reviews and appeals
  • Classification and categorisation of development applications
  • Development plan amendments
  • Open space contributions
  • Legislative compliance audits
  • Land management agreements
  • Membership, powers and meeting procedures of development assessment panels
  • Conflict of interest under the Development Act and Minister's code of conduct

Licensed Premises Services 

  • Licensing objections and interventions
  • Enforcement of licence conditions
  • Resident noise and disturbance complaints
  • Trading hours
  • Gaming Machines Act considerations
  • Licensing Court hearings
  • Liquor and Gambling Commissioner hearings
  • Council as landlord of licensed premises
  • Smoking in and around licensed premises
  • Public intoxication and binge drinking
  • Lock-outs
  • Precinct Licensing Statements/Accords
  • Limited licences for public events
  • Dry zones
  • Policy considerations
  • Security issues
  • Licensing Court and Supreme Court appeals
  • CDAP/RDAP member complaints
  • CDAP/RDAP member training
  • Orders, notices and expiations
  • Environmental impact assessments and audits
  • Land division processes, powers and bonding agreements
  • Heritage
  • Site and groundwater contamination
  • Pollution liability
  • Natural resources management
  • Land acquisition
  • Due diligence
  • Native vegetation management
  • Water resources
  • Water and wetland systems
  • Waste management
  • Native title