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  • Insights Paper | Amendments to the Retail and Commercial Leases Act All / 06 Jul 2020

    Amendments to the Retail and Commercial Leases Act commenced on 1 July 2020. Key changes affecting landlords and tenants are outlined in our Article.

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  • Insights Paper | Power of Attorney Legislation to be Reviewed Personal Services / 22 Jun 2020

    After an increasing number of reports of instances of abuse, Attorney-General Vickie Chapman has announced that the laws in SA which relate to Powers of Attorney will be reviewed.

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  • WorkPac v Rossato: What does the “casual double-dipping” case mean for your workplace? Featured / 28 May 2020

    Contrary to what has been reported, the Workpac v Rossato decision has not created a blanket entitlement for all casuals, and turned on a particularly complex set of factual and legal considerations.

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