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Mediation as a form of dispute resolution has significant and well documented benefits. The time and cost associated with litigation and disputes are often significant. It is in the best interests of parties involved in disputes (litigious or otherwise) to resolve any such matters expeditiously and before the associated costs, both financial and emotional, become overwhelming and/or unmanageable.

All too often litigious matters become uncommercial before the parties have an opportunity to resolve their dispute. For example, should a matter proceed to court, fees of representation and court costs can range between $8k -$12k per day. Non-litigious matters (such as workplace disputes) also come with significant costs – whether that be costs associated with disruptions in the workplace, having to spend time and resources on peripheral matters or the costs associated with terminating and/or recruiting staff.

What We Offer

Wallmans Lawyers provide a cost effective Mediation service for a range of disputes.

Applying the facilitative model, our Nationally Accredited Mediator, Stephen Dickinson will work with the parties to identify the real issues in dispute and explore options that may give rise to a resolution that is acceptable to all parties (including options that may not have been previously considered).

The facilitative model promotes productive and progressive negotiations where the parties are asked to address the issues underlying the dispute rather than adopting a simple commercial and positional bargaining process. Allowing the parties to explore options in a non-adversarial forum is an essential step of reaching a ‘higher ground’ and allowing a dispute to be resolved.


With dedicated mediation staff and administrative support, our mission is to act as a neutral facilitator, providing a forum in which parties can resolve disputes and ultimately reach a ‘win/win’ settlement.

Download the above document detailing our range of flexible mediation packages, which include a fully comprehensive package incorporating the use of our mediator, mediation suites, catering and administrative support.

Our offices provide a neutral, professional environment central to the CBD and Adelaide’s legal centre.

Types of Disputes

  • Commercial and business
  • Construction
  • Contract
  • Employment and workplace
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Consumer
  • Franchise
  • Partnerships
  • Estate
  • Family business and succession planning
  • Property
  • Defamation



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Whether you are a fellow practitioner advising on a dispute that has or is likely to become uncommercial for your client, an accountant with a client involved in a dispute that has the hallmarks of becoming litigious or an organisation or business with an internal or external dispute that is drawing on your valuable time and financial resources, mediation may be the answer.

Stephen Dickinson,
Partner and Mediator